The Call to Climate Action

Empowering the Arab World

The Naqla Initiative promotes awareness, illuminating the path to a sustainable future in the Arab world. Our mission is clear: to educate and empower the region to confront the pressing challenges of the climate crisis. Our goal is nothing short of a wise transition driven by the transformative power of knowledge.

The Language of Change

Framing the Climate Emergency

At the heart of our initiative lies the art of defining, framing, and communicating the climate emergency. We understand that words have the power to shape our perception of the world and drive real solutions. That’s why Naqla has meticulously crafted an Arabic glossary that spotlights the pivotal concepts of the climate emergency, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and enabling effective action.

A Unified Arab Voice

Creating a Sustainable Future

Defining the concepts is only the beginning; real change takes place when the message resonates. The Naqla Initiative is more than just words, it’s movement. We’re harnessing the full potential of social media to reach every corner of the Arab world. Together, we’re building a community that unites efforts and empowers individuals to be champions of sustainability. Join us on this transformative journey towards a greener, more sustainable Arab world.

Join the voices

Fossil Free Zones

Accelerating Change, Inspiring Action

Can you imagine a world without fossil fuels? Fossil Free Zones show that this vision is not only possible but already happening! They are places that do not extract, process, or burn coal, oil or gas, leading the way on the natural path to a sustainable future. From houses to small businesses to entire cities, being fossil free is within the reach of every person or organization. The main requirement is the understanding that change begins now! Let’s celebrate these renewable success stories, and work together to follow in their footsteps, creating and developing more Fossil Free Zones in our region and worldwide…
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