Climate Health Risks

Climate health risks are the risks posed by the climate crisis Climate CrisisThe current moment where we are observing increasingly severe climate impacts and running the risk of catastrophic, irreversible changes in…Read on اقرأ المزيد on the health of individuals and populations. Extreme weather events such as heat waves Heat WavesHeat waves are among the deadliest natural hazards. Since 2015, temperatures have been the highest on record, meaning that the…Read on اقرأ المزيد , droughts DroughtAn extended period (a season or more) of deficient rainfall resulting in water shortage. Droughts are among the deadliest natural…Read on اقرأ المزيد , and floods Flash FloodsFloods caused by rapidly rising water levels, often as a result of short, high-intensity rainstorms or the failure of dams.…Read on اقرأ المزيد  can aggravate over half of all pathogenic diseases and lead to the emergence of epidemics and pandemics. In addition, other climate-induced impacts Climate ImpactsThe results and consequences of the climate crisis.Read on اقرأ المزيد like food insecurity Food InsecurityLack of regular access to enough safe, and nutritious food due to unavailability of food and/or lack of resources to…Read on اقرأ المزيد and biodiversity loss Biodiversity LossThe reduction or extinction of species in a certain habitat. Biodiversity loss poses a great threat to the survival of…Read on اقرأ المزيد pose a high risk of infectious disease outbreaks,  especially in vulnerable communities.

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