Carbon Bombs

Refers to fossil fuel Fossil FuelRefers to energy materials extracted from the earth and used for burning. The three main fossil fuels are oil, fossil…Read on اقرأ المزيد extraction projects (coal mines and oil and gas fields) which generate emissions exceeding a billion tons (1 gigaton) of CO2 during their lifetime. The Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO) has identified 425 carbon bombs, many of which have to be defused to align the carbon budget Carbon Budget    The idea behind the carbon budget is that global heating is strongly linked to the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2)…Read on اقرأ المزيد with the Paris Targets Paris Targets: 2° and 1.5° TargetKeeping the global mean temperature below 1.5 °C or 2°C heating compared to pre-industrial levels. Temperatures are expected to be…Read on اقرأ المزيد .

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