Carbon Handprint

Refers to the great impact a climate activist/well-informed person can create by bringing about structural change or putting a stop to fossil fuel Fossil FuelRefers to energy materials extracted from the earth and used for burning. The three main fossil fuels are oil, fossil…Read on اقرأ المزيد projects, thereby putting an end to huge amounts of carbon dioxide emissions Carbon Dioxide (CO2) EmissionsCarbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas found naturally in Earth’s atmosphere. It is also a byproduct of industrial processes…Read on اقرأ المزيد .

The idea of a carbon handprint turns the term ‘carbon footprint Carbon FootprintExperts have pointed out that it was big oil companies who coined “carbon footprint” as a buzzword in the first…Read on اقرأ المزيد promoted by the fossil fuel industry on its head. It encourages people to reshape societies and individuals (with their hands) to create a better planet, rather than destroying the environment unintentionally (with their feet).

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